Nacho Palau, ex of Miguel Bosé, confirms that he suffers from cancer

The sculptor Nacho Palau surprised the world by confirming on August 25 that he was diagnosed with lung cancer and that he will start corresponding treatment.

The Valencian was Miguel Bosé’s partner for 25 years, they raised four little ones together until their separation that triggered a scandal and lawsuit because the singer lives in Mexico with two of the little ones, while Nacho lives in Spain with his other two children.

On his Instagram account, he was honest about the diagnosis: “I can already confirm after many medical tests that I am having lung cancer, which until now had no name or treatment, which I am going to start immediately.”

“Today I feel optimistic, wanting to live and overcome this disease,” he also wrote, while thanking people for their support.

And he recalled: “Enjoy loved ones day by day, all the beauty that life offers us, laugh, share, a hug, a smile and always remember that the simplest things are the ones that make us happiest” .

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