Naim Darrechi, Yeri Mua’s ex-boyfriend, arrested for attacking the press

  • The drivers of “Ventaneando” assured that the young man launched himself against the reporters to attack them

Naim Darrechi, a Spanish influencer who had a relationship with the Mexican beauty blogger Yeri Mua, is still in the eye of the hurricane after attacking the Mexican press at the airport.

This young man has been involved in the scandal for being accused of committing sexual crimes in Spain and recently against his ex-partner, Yeri Mua, who denounced him on social networks for physical and psychological violence.

Daniel Aguilar, a reporter for Ventaneando, announced what happened at the CdMx airport upon the arrival of Yeri Mua with her ex-boyfriend. He this one went against the press for no reason when the media representatives tried to make contact.

«Mrs. Chapoy, comrades, we were on guard duty and we saw Yeri Mua enter with Naim Darrechi. You can see how he spits on us, gets aggressive, throws kicks, he asks for the pass. He mentions the pregnancy ».

And he added: «You can see how aggressive he behaves; the auxiliary police did us a favor to arrest him and they already took him to the Public Ministry, right now we are waiting for the lawsuit to be filed. Yeri Mua simply argued that they should leave him and when he saw that the police had arrived, he left him alone, the only detainee was Naim ».