NASA begins experiments to bring life to Mars

For hundreds of centuries, curiosity regarding space and the solar system has been a constant in the human mind, starting from the ancient theories about the earth’s surface and its relationship with the sun, reaching the different exploration missions of today in day.

But despite the fact that the knowledge of space today is very extensive and that we have even been able to identify the particle that gave life to the Universe, our knowledge is still very limited. For this reason, since the creation of the space company Nasa, the exploration of the universe, our solar system and the planets that are in it has been something that even now has not come to an end.

Its importance today is something that has been reflected in different areas, not only in the founding of new space exploration companies such as SpaceX, but also in the field of entertainment that is so much the responsibility of the common user.

Thus, it is normal to see casino portals on-line in Mexico that offer space-themed gaming options within the busiest lists of entertainment options. In the same way, movie classics like Interstellar and new productions such as the second installment of Duneor the third of Guardians of the Galaxy, are part of the space titles and genres most loved by the general public. Certainly the interest in what is found in space is something that does not fade.

Humans on Mars, a reality that exceeds fiction

According to the recent plans released by the space company, it is possible that soon it will be possible to bring life to Mars, the red planet that is known as the second most habitable after Earth. To do this, this summer an experimentation process will begin where four volunteers will be placed in zero gravity conditions for a year.

In addition to not having gravity inside the experimentation room, it will be set to emulate some conditions typical of Mars. In this way, the results obtained from the test may be closer to reality than it would be to spend a whole year on Mars.

All of this is part of the Artemis missions, among other series of projects, which aim to create bases both on the moon and on Mars for the next missions that could take place on the red planet. The latter could begin to take place in the coming years, with the 2030s likely to begin to witness these incredible feats.

Each of the four volunteers that have been taken into account for the experiment has had to go through a series of physical and medical tests to ensure that their state of health is in the best conditions. Although these individuals are not professional astronauts, they will carry out a series of tasks similar to these, so their experience will be very close to that of a space traveler.