NASA believes that humans will work from the Moon in the year 2030

Aldrin carries the LR-3 and other apparatus to install it on lunar soil (photo: NASA)

The POT He has dared to give a date in which people will be able to live and work on the Moon and it would be the year 2030.

The Orion ship that traveled to the Moon does not have human Crew, but it does have three dummies whose task is to estimate radiation in the vicinity of the Moon. In addition, he has many other very versatile items in his luggage to pave the way for future missions with astronauts.

Now, it is expected that there will be a second stage, which was originally scheduled for 2024, where exactly the same procedure as Artemis I will be repeated: a trip around the Moon for several days but without landing on the moon.

The only difference is that there will be people on board, which is why it is so important that everything goes well in this first phase.

Later, in 2025, the moon landing would already take place. Thus, humans would walk on the Moon for the first time since 1972. And also, a woman would do it for the first time.

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These are the expected dates of Artemis on the Moon

After the successful flight of Artemis I and the publication of the first photos, NASA has already announced that it hopes that humans will be able to stay on the Moon in 2030.

SpaceX Base Alpha.  (photo: SpaceX)
SpaceX Base Alpha. (photo: SpaceX)

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Therefore, 2030, although more than possible, must be approached with caution. By the end of this decade it is possible that there are people working on the Moon; but for that there are several launches that have to go well and come out on time beforehand.

That was already said by the first person to step on the Moon. It was one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind. All steps need to be completed one after another and there is still a long way to go.

The memories that Artemis has taken to the Moon

In addition to several dolls, other curious astronauts traveled aboard the Orion spacecraft with two Lego dogs, Snoopy the dog and Shaun the sheep, who wears the uniform of the POT Or the European Space Agency (THIS).

snoopy.  (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)
snoopy. (photo: 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC)

There’s also 90 Girl Scout Badges to give to the girls who won an essay contest about going back to the Moon. It is not the same to receive a badge as someone who accompanied Artemis to Earth’s satellite.

In fact, in this line there are also thousands of gifts such as patches and pins for all the workers who have carried out this mission. Also, it has taken a dead sea pebble and also tree seeds.

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