NASA plans to make colonies on the Moon and Mars with 3D printed houses

  • The ICON company and the US space agency hope to transform lunar dust into construction material

NASA embarked on an ambitious project that could transform space exploration: the construction of human settlements in Moon and eventually In mars. This feat, which seems straight out of a science fiction novel, is getting closer to becoming a reality, thanks to advances in 3D printing technology. Half a century after Apollo missionsNASA renewed its commitment to lunar exploration through the Artemis program late last year.

This project, named after Apollo’s twin sister in Greek mythology, seeks not only to set foot on the lunar surface again, but also to establish a sustainable human settlement. The ambition of this program is reflected in its goals: to bring the first woman and the first person of color to the Monto.

The viability of this company lies in overcoming a great challenge: the transportation of construction materials to Moon. This is where the company ICON comes in, which was founded in 2017 and recently created an entire 3D printed neighborhood in Texas. His collaboration with The NASAwhich started in 2020, is for the MMPACT (Moon to Mars Planetary Autonomous Construction Technologies) project.