Natália Subtil shows off her boyfriend during a romantic vacation

Natália Subtil shows herself in love and full


For the first time, Natália Subtil appears happy with her boyfriend on social networks

Natália Subtil She showed off her boyfriend during a romantic vacation to Los Cabos. The model born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, published for the first time a photo of her with her beau.

With a heart emoji in the caption of the photo, Natália was seen in love and full with the sea in the background, although the identity of the mysterious man is unknown so far.

Let us remember that the actress, also ex-girlfriend of Sergio Mayer Morihad already confirmed that she had a stable partner and that her little daughter, the result of her relationship with Sergio, got along very well with her new boyfriend.

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Natália Subtil hit Cristian Castro

During a brief participation at the VIP Hotel, Cristian Castro surprised everyone after revealing that Natália Subtil hit him a while ago and despite the fact that he insisted on going out with her, the model never responded to his messages via social networks.

“(To Natalia) I asked her out, but she didn’t want to. Natália is very brave… she almost said yes to me,” the singer recalled with a serious face, ensuring that she almost managed to convince the model to go on a date.

“You invited me once because you went to record your video. You invited me to New York again… It was months of insistence, but I had never seen it in person, here at the hotel it was my first time,” said Natália Subtil in front of the cameras of the Channel 5 reality show.