Natanael Cano is fined in Chihuahua with more than one million pesos

Singer Natanael Cano is fined more than one million pesos in Chihuahua.

Natanael Cano22 years old, is involved in controversy, since the Subdirectorate of the Interior of the Secretariat of the H. City Council of Chihuahua applied a sanction of 12 thousand Measurement and Update Units (UMAS), equivalent to a total of 1 million 244 thousand 880 Mexican pesos.

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Natanael Cano is fined in Chihuahua with more than one million pesos



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The measure was taken due to the concert offered by the rapper originally from Hermosillo, Sonoralast night in the municipality of Chihuahua before nearly 9 thousand people, where there was “musical content that advocates crime and promotes violence against women, denigrating them, discriminating against them, marginalizing them and excluding them.”

This sanction occurs in the context of the prohibition of the so-called narcocorridos in Chihuahua, established in Article 34 of the Civic Justice Regulation, as well as in articles 208, 209 and 222 of the Regulations of Amusement and Shows for the Municipality of Chihuahua.

At the moment, the concert that the controversial singer will give tonight in the Plaza de la Mexicanidad on CD. Juárez, Chihuahua, is still advertised on his networks, so he could be fined again due to the content of his songs.

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