NATO demanded that Russia respect the nuclear treaty with the United States: “We call for it to comply with its obligations”

Banners with the NATO logo at the entrance of the new NATO headquarters during the move to the new building, in Brussels, Belgium (YVES HERMAN/)

The NATO expressed this Friday his concern about the fact that Russia breaches its treaty obligations new startand asked her to respect this nuclear disarmament agreement that binds her to USA.

“We call on Russia to fulfill its obligations under the treaty, facilitating planned inspections on its territory and resuming its participation in the Bilateral Consultative Commission”, pointed out the North Atlantic Treaty Organization it’s a statement.

The United States had already criticized Russia for having suspended inspections and canceled talks planned under this agreement.

In response to that criticism of WashingtonRussia on Wednesday accused the United States of having “destroyed the legal framework” of the treaty.

In his statement, the NATO He pointed out that its components “recognize that the new treaty contributes to international stability, by limiting the strategic nuclear forces of Russia and the United States.”

Therefore, the military alliance added, “we note with concern that Russia is not complying with its legally binding obligations under the treaty.”

Relations between the United States and Russia are at their lowest point since the beginning of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine.

Satan II: Today the most powerful Russian weapon is the RS-28 Sarmat, with a range of 18,000 kilometers and the capacity to carry up to 12 nuclear warheads (DEF File)
Satan II: one of the most powerful Russian nuclear weapons is the RS-28 Sarmat, with a range of 18,000 kilometers and the capacity to transport up to 12 nuclear warheads (DEF File)

Russia announced in early August that it would suspend planned US inspections of its military sites under the treaty. new startclaiming to act in response to US obstacles to similar Russian inspections.

Signed in 2010, the New Start treaty limits the two countries’ arsenals to a maximum of 1,550 warheads deployed on each side, a reduction of nearly 30% compared to the previous limit, set in 2002.

The agreement also limits the number of launchers and heavy bombers to a maximum of 800, still enough to destroy human life on Earth.

However, the allies lament, “non-compliance by Russia undermines the viability of the New START”. “We call on Russia to fulfill its obligations under the treaty by facilitating inspections on Russian territory and re-engaging in the treaty implementation body,” they stress.

According to the military organization, Russia violates the agreement by blocking the monitoring commission of the treaty and by refusing to allow US inspections in Russian territory. In this way, they prevent Washington from exercising its rights under the pact and undermine the United States’ ability to verify compliance with the limits set by the New START, the allies have affirmed.

This statement follows complaints from the US State Department, which this week accused Russia of breaching New START by refusing to allow inspectors on its territories and hindering Washington’s efforts to address the issue.

In 2020, the inspections had to be halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, when the conditions were met again to resume said activity, Russia has refused since August last year to resume such visits, in part, due to tensions. between the two powers over the war in Ukraine.

This treaty between the United States and Russia seeks to limit the deployment of intercontinental nuclear weapons by both parties, allowing frequent checks of each country’s programs by the other. The agreement allows Washington and Moscow to deploy up to 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 1,550 nuclear warheads on those missiles.

(With information from AFP and Europa Press)

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