Neither he nor LeBron James: Michael Jordan chose the player who changed the history of the NBA

Hug between Lebron James and Michael Jordan (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) (David Richard/)

Everytime that Michael Jordan talk is news and the praise for Earvin Magic Johnsonwho was also his partner in the Dream Team who won the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It happened in the series that traces the life of the legend of Los Angeles Lakers and in which Air is one of the guests with their testimonies.

In the work of Netflix The Last Dance, MJ left strong revelations about what the intern of the glorious Chicago Bulls team was like. She showed how competitive she was and why her demandingness sometimes led to him getting into trouble with his peers. But now Air reappeared and left two other shocking definitions.

MJ always had the waist to answer questions like “who is the best player in history” or if he or another player is the greatest of all time (Greatest of all time or GOAT for its acronym). After the Netflix docuseries, the one dedicated to Earvin Magic Johnson, “They Call Me Magic” (They call me magic) to learn much more about the former point guard.

In the opening chapter, the luxury guest was Michael Jordan. The former figure of the Chicago Bulls was able to express his admiration for the five-time NBA champion. Plus, she challenged him to a one-on-one All-Star game.

The Magic series has already premiered at the Southwest Film Festival and from April 22 it can be seen on AppleTV+. The life of the Lakers benchmark is commendable, as an athlete and also as someone who publicly admitted in 1991 that he contracted HIV, which led him to withdraw from the playing fields for four years. He returned in the 1995/1996 season and, with the support of his teammates, became the first openly HIV-positive player to play in the NBA.

Production platform streaming, Jordan held nothing back and revealed who the player who changed the history of the NBA and did not think it was him or Lebron James: For Air, that credit belongs to Magic.

Michael Jordan and Earvin Magic Johnson
Earvin Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan in 1996 (Reuters) (STR New/)

Everyone wants to give Michael Jordan credit for changing the NBA, but when Magic Johnson came along, that’s where he changed the game.”, MJ affirmed in the documentary series of Earvin Magic Johnson, according to the portal Variety’s Selome Hailu.

In the trailer for the series, MJ also confesses that the Los Angeles Lakers legend “pushed to be a better basketball player”. It was another praise from Jordan for the 62-year-old Michigan native, whose popularity remains unchanged even though he retired for good in mid-1996.

Apart from his five rings in the NBA and the gold medal in Barcelona 1992, Johnson was chosen as the best player in three NBA finals in 1980, 1982 and 1987, and in three seasons, 1987, 1989 and 1990. He also had 12 appearances in the All-Star Game and in 1996 he was chosen among the 50 best players in NBA history.


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