Nelly Horsman Clemente died: grandmother in El Diván de Valentina and unforgettable dubbing actress

Despite the fact that she retired almost two decades ago, the legacy of Nelly Horsman Clemente kept her alive in recent years, but unfortunately she died at the age of 88 on November 7, 2022.

She was a television and dubbing actress who spent her last years at the Actor’s House, which confirmed the unfortunate news.

Nelly was the grandmother in the successful program El diván de Valentina. She provided her voice for Grandma Yetta in ‘The Babysitter’ and for various characters such as Patty Bouvier on The Simpsons.

Her artistic career spans various programs and soap operas such as Corazón Salvaje, Papá single, El privilege de amar and Mujer caso de la vida real.

As the saying goes, and The Woman in the Gale were some of his last jobs on television, although you’ve probably heard his voice in the ‘Shrek’ movie, where he yelled: “Hit him with the chair!”

Rest in peace.

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