Nestor Fly prepares the launch of his version of “La Ventanita”

The young singer-songwriter Nestor Fly, born in Monclova, who currently lives in Guadalajara, is preparing the launch of his version of the iconic song “La Ventanita” by Mickey Taveras, performed in the 90s by the group Garibaldi.

In an interview Nestor Fly mentioned “I chose this cover as the beginning of my new musical proposal, mixing the nineties with the new, combining cumbia, with pop and reggaeton, we are going to combine two totally different worlds to make it one, this single will be a taste of what I will be presenting, since I love Latin, urban, new and we are going to merge them.”

He explained that after Madonna, another singer who is considered his Monna Lisa is the remembered Selena Quintanilla, of whom he expressed that she was a singer very ahead of her time, “currently you listen to her music and it is as if it had been created at this moment.” .

When talking about who she would like to collaborate with, she named Madonna, Gloria Trevi, Lorena Herrera and “Las Perdidas” made up of Wendy Guevara, Paola Suárez and Kimberly Irene “The most precious”, the latter is her follower on her social networks and with which he maintains some contact.

Nestor Fly appeared at the PRIDE in Guadalajara in June, before more than 400 thousand people. From that experience he stated “It was an event where I did not expect such a beautiful reception, since I had not presented since 2017, and Seeing the attendees wave their LGBT flag, our multicolored flag, was impressive, hearing them accompany me with their voices with each of the songs I performed was very satisfying, seeing how people give themselves to a proposal, a show, it is so we artists continue making music.”

Regarding his tour of Guatemala, promoting “Explota, Explota”, which lasted three weeks in the top 10 on FM radio in that country, the singer said “After seeing the success that the song caused, when I presented myself to the media From that place, the idea of ​​two-tone shoes came to me, which were a sensation from the beginning, it was nice to see the reception, that’s why before closing the year 2023, I am going to return there with the support of God.”

Finally, he announced that in October it will be presented in San Luis Potosí, Morelia, Puebla, Guadalajara and Querétaro. “In 2024 I will release unreleased songs,” she added.