Netanyahu called on civilians to leave Gaza and promised to turn Hamas bases into “ruins”

Netanyahu asked civilians to leave Gaza because the Israeli Army will use all its power to turn Hamas bases into “ruins” (EFE) (ABIR SULTAN/)

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuwarned this Saturday all civilians in the Gaza Strip to “leave now” the area because the Defense Forces “will use all their power to destroy Hamas’ capabilities”.

In a message addressed to the nation, the president promised use all resources within their reach to annihilate the bases of the terrorist group and thus guarantee that events like this “do not happen again.”

“All the places where Hamas has its bases, all the places where it hides, from which it operates, we will turn into ruins. “I tell the people of Gaza: get out of there now, because we are about to act everywhere with all our force.”he stated in his brief televised statement.

The Prime Minister promised to fight until the end and take revenge
The Prime Minister promised to fight to the end and avenge “this black day that they plotted for Israel and its people” (Europa Press) (Europa Press/Contact/Nir Alon/)

Hamas “invaded Israeli territory this morning” and initiated a “cruel and evil war”targeting innocent civilians, young and old, and “murdering children and mothers in their homes.”

“Hamas wants to kill us all,” he emphasized. “It is an enemy that kidnaps the elderly, children, young girls, that massacres our civilians, our children.”

In that sense, he described the events of the last few hours as something that “It has never been seen in Israel” and, he added: “I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“We will fight them to the end and avenge this black day they plotted for Israel and its people. We will win this war but the price will be terribly high.”he continued.

After confirming the first rockets launched by Palestinian terrorists and their infiltration by land, sea and air, Netanyahu confirmed that “we are at war. It is not an operation, it is not rounds of combat, it is a war. “We are at war and we will win it.”

The official then ordered the evacuation of the communities that had been surprised by the terrorists and mobilized troops and special units to restore order there.

Israel launched operation “Iron Swords” to confront the attacks (REUTERS)
Israel launched operation “Iron Swords” to confront the attacks (REUTERS) (AMMAR AWAD/)

In some areas it has already been possible to neutralize the enemies although there are still 22 active outbreaks where work continues.

At the same time, law enforcement officials reported a serious situation of hostagesmore of 250 dead and at least 1,450 injured.

While Israel launched its “Iron Swords” operation, the sirens continued to sound and the rockets continued to impact the territory.

“Hamas has a massive amount of missiles and will fire as many as it can,” said the international spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, Richard Hecht, in recent hours, and clarified that it is not ruled out that more strong attacks could still occur. like those of this day.

(With information from AFP)