Netanyahu’s wife wrote an open letter to Pope Francis asking for his intervention for the hostages kidnapped in Gaza

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, attends an inauguration event for Israel’s new light rail line for the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, in Petah Tikva, Israel, August 17, 2023. REUTERS/ Amir Cohen (AMIR COHEN/)

The wife of the Israeli prime minister, Sara Netanyahusent an open letter to Pope Francisco requesting his “personal intervention” for the release of 129 hostages held by Palestinian terrorists in Loop. The people were kidnapped by Hamas last October 7th.

Netanyahu urged the Argentine pope to use his influence to achieve the unconditional release of the captives. Furthermore, he requested that the International Committee of the Red Cross act to visit and bring essential medicines to all hostages, who until now have not been guaranteed this right. The intervention of the Supreme Pontiff could be decisive in saving lives, emphasizes Mrs. Netanyahu.

The letter places special emphasis on the situation of Noa Argamani, a 25-year-old girl whose kidnapping was documented in a shocking video. According to Netanyahu, Argamani was kidnapped from a music festival that ended in a massacre carried out by Hamas in which 364 people died.

The terror on his face is evident in the images of his capture. Noa’s mother, of Chinese origin and who is fighting terminal brain cancer, expressed in a message her desire to see her daughter again. and his confidence that all possible efforts are being made for his release

New talks for “a liberation process” for those kidnapped in Gaza

Last December 20, Benjamin Netanyahu assured relatives of the kidnapped in Gaza who works forpromote a liberation process” of the victims.

“I recently sent the head of the Mossad to Europe to promote a process of liberation of our hostages,” said the prime minister, according to a statement from the Israeli government.

Israeli media have published that the head of the Israel Foreign Intelligence ServiceMossad, David Barneamet on December 18 in Warsaw with the director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (INC), Bill Burnsand the prime minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thaniwhile on December 15 it met in Norway with the Qatari politician to negotiate a new truce in Gaza.

The negotiation would include the release of between 30 and 40 kidnapped people, mainly women, older people and those who are most affected by captivity both physically and mentally, in addition to the duration of a truce, the number of palestinian prisoners that he would release in exchange and humanitarian aid that would allow for Gaza, according to Israeli media.

“I will spare no effort,” he stressed. Netanyahuto free those who they are still kidnapped in the Gaza Strip.

I can give you a guarantee: we will not stop” until they are released, he told the family members, according to the statement, in his third meeting with families of those kidnapped since the war began in the Palestinian enclave.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by his wife Sarahand members of the Government of Israel met with families in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

For its part, on Tuesday president of Israel, Isaac Herzogsaid that his country “is prepared” for another truce that allows the release of hostages, although he pointed out that all responsibility lies in the hands of Hamas.

The Islamist group HamasFor its part, it warned that it will not negotiate the release of hostages while Israel’s military offensive in the Strip continues.