Netflix eliminates its cheapest package in Mexico; so you can watch movies without ads

On social networks, Internet users criticized Netflix’s recent announcement.

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Netflix It was, for many years, a pioneering firm in streaming services; However, the creation of other platforms has caused severe economic problems for the firm, which has made decisions that have not been to everyone’s liking.

The elimination of the basic plan (its cheapest package and also the most popular in Mexico) has been one of the measures taken by Netflix most criticized worldwide, and this package It was replaced by a new modality in which restrictions increase and there are advertising segments from time to timewhich unleashed the annoyance of many people.

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At first, in Mexico this news was taken with skepticism; However, this Friday Netflix announced that The basic plan will no longer be available in the country, and the only cheap option will be the standard plan with ads.

So that the new changes do not take you by surprise, here at TVyNovelas we tell you What will the packages consist of that will be valid in a few days.


Currently, the basic plan of Netflix gives its subscribers access to unlimited mobile games, series and movies without advertising with the right to watch the content in HD on one screen and with downloads included. This package, which is about to disappear, costs 139 pesos per month.


He standard plan with ads from Netflix It will be available from November 1 and will cost cheaper, 99 pesos per monthalthough it has more restrictions that have been the subject of controversy on social networks:

  • Now there will be ads in movies and series
  • Some movies and series will not be available in the package
  • You can watch HD content on two compatible devices at the same time

Not interested in this package? So you can watch all Netflix content without ads:

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This is the second Netflix package that includes all of this, with a cost of 219 pesos per month:

  • Games, series and movies without advertising and without limits
  • You can watch HD content on two devices at the same time
  • Availability to download content on two compatible devices at the same time
  • You can add up to one extra member who does not live with you


The package costs 299 pesos per month and it is the one that has the most benefits since it includes the following:

  • Games, series and films Ad-free and unlimited
  • You can watch Ultra HD content on two devices at the same time, with Netflix spatial audio
  • You have the option to download content on six devices at once
  • You can add up to two extra members who do not live with you

As you can see, Netflix has several options that adapt to all budgets, so you still have a few days to think about the plan that is best suited to your needs.