Netflix releases trailer for ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’; this will be the reality show

Without a doubt, the South Korean series ‘The Squid Game’, in which the characters participated in different deadly tests, impacted everyone who saw it. For this reason, Netflix will bring a new reality show based on this work by Hwang Dong-hyuk, called ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’; here the trailer.

The streaming platform Netflix released the trailer for the reality show, called ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’, which will follow the concept of the 2021 series, where dozens of contestants will have to face challenges to win a cash prize.

What is ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’?

Like the series, the contestants of ‘The Squid Game:

The challenge’ will face, in real life, the ‘red light, green light’ test, which left fans traumatized from the beginning of the series, starting with the figure of the enormous doll and the cruelty with which it They eliminated the contestants.

Likewise, participants will test their patience and manual dexterity with the ‘sugar honeycombs’; as well as intelligence and strength when performing the ‘tug of war’ challenge with the rope. This will be the case until completing the six challenges that appeared in the series.

Once ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’ ends, the finalist will be able to win four million 560 thousand dollars, that is, more than 78 million pesos, as specified in the trailer.

In addition, they will keep their lives, because even if they carry out the challenges in real life, the eliminations will be simulated and no one will be at risk.

When is ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’ released?

According to what was revealed in the trailer for ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’, the Netflix reality show will premiere on November 22 of this year.

So, fans of the series will be able to relive the scenes, but now in real life, with this new production.