Network users attack a family for discriminating against their domestic worker in a shopping center in Polanco

The images caused outrage among Internet users.


During these festivities, most people spent incredible moments as a family sharing all the Christmas spirit. However, on social networks, a complaint went viral, causing outrage among users. Said material caused a wave of criticism against a family who supposedly would have mistreated an employee in a shopping center in Mexico City.

They denounce a couple for treating their domestic worker badly

The user Jaina Pereyraknown on the networks for her social work, used the networks to expose the couple who allegedly they kept their maid standing while they ate without concern at the bar of a restaurant. “Today this happened at the Palacio de Hiero in Polanco. A family brought their ‘slave’. They sit down to snack. She stopped, as she befits service people. Without food, of course. The trafficking is obvious in the photos. Shit People. I hope one day they have to work for people like them,” he wrote in X.

In addition to this, Jaina attached several images where he would corroborate what he writes. In the photos, you can see a woman standing, while a woman, a man and a girl are sitting enjoying a meal.

What is known is that the woman who was standing Yes, he was in the company of the couple, because in one of the photos they are seen together walking through the shopping center.

The exact identity of the people and the true reason for what happened is not known. The publication caused outrage among users who also showed moral support for the affected person. “If anyone knows the lady, I will offer them a job, they do not deserve to be treated that way”, “Unfortunately there are people who think that because they pay a salary to the service personnel, they do not have the right to a break while they are working (… )”, are some of the comments.

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