New archaeological discoveries at Chichen Itza

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Confabulario Especial digital 72 exclusively presents a preview of the book «Explorations of the underground world. An approach to the great Maya aquifer» (Aspen Institute Maya-UNAM 2022), edited by the underwater archaeologist Guillermo de Anda Alanís, director of the Great Maya Aquifer project, which is not only one of the great reserves of information worldwide in terms of archaeology, but a project that has changed the paradigms of doing archaeological explorations.

This work brings together the results of the specialists who have accompanied de Anda in his research, who in the cenotes of Chichen Itzá (in Yucatán) has had interesting findings, primarily highlighting the Cenote Holtún, which has led specialists astray. to have a better understanding not only of underwater caves, but also of the social environment that develops around this complex geography.

Holtún is, without a doubt, a unique context, also, because the characteristic that has given this cenote such a special implication is the fact that it is the first time that an offering was recorded that was deposited when the water level it was lower, and that it is currently submerged,” says de Anda.