New provocation from North Korea: the regime fired another ballistic missile

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un observes a test launch of strategic cruise missiles from a patrol boat (Kcna/Dpa) (-/Kcna/Dpa/)

The North Korean regime fired a ballistic missile of unspecified range into the East Sea (also known as the Sea of ​​Japan) this Wednesdaybut the launch seemed to have failed, according to the news agency Yonhapciting the South Korean military forces.

The South Korean military said North Korea fired the missile from the Sunan area of ​​Pyongyang at 11:05 p.m. local time (14:05 GMT), but did not provide other details, as reported by Yonhap.

Intelligence authorities in South Korea and the United States were conducting an analysis of the launchindicated the South Korean agency.

This Wednesday, Seoul approved partially suspending the 2018 inter-Korean treaty, in response to Pyongyang’s launch of a military spy satellite, with which it would have already captured images of a United States military base on the island of Guam.

The incident comes a day after Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship reported that it had successfully placed its first spy satellite into orbit and promised to release more in the near futuredefying international condemnation from the United States and its allies.

Kim Jong-un observes the launch of a rocket carrying a Malligyong-1 spy satellite, in the North Korean province of Gyeongsang (KCNA via REUTERS)
Kim Jong-un observes the launch of a rocket carrying a Malligyong-1 spy satellite, in the North Korean province of Gyeongsang (KCNA via REUTERS) (KCNA/)

The state agency KCNA reported that the North Korean dictator saw “photos of the Anderson air base, the port of Apra (where a naval base is located) and other areas of important enclaves of North American troops, taken from the sky over the island of Guam, in the Pacific , and received at 9:21 (0.21 GMT) on November 22.”

Kim Jong-un allegedly saw the images during his visit this Wednesday to the general control center of the National Aerospace Technology Administration (NATA) in Pyongyang, where he was informed that The Malligyong-1 satellite will officially begin operations on December 1 after subjecting it to adjustments over the next “7-10 days”.

KCNA published a photo of Kim visiting the aforementioned center in the company of the vice director of the Department of Munitions Industry, Kim Jong-sikone of the main figures in the North Korean missile program, and another snapshot of the facilities in which only general control panels can be seen, which have also been blurred before publication.

For its part, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) explained in a statement that, after carefully analyzing its trajectory and other factors, it estimates that “the satellite appears to be in orbit,” although it added that “determining whether the satellite is operating normally will take time, as additional analyzes are required.”

The North Korean regime launched a military spy satellite into orbit (KCNA via REUTERS)
The North Korean regime put a military spy satellite into orbit (KCNA via REUTERS) (KCNA/)

If the regime’s claims are true, North Korean surveillance capabilities would have taken a significant leap with the deployment of this satellite that would now allow it to detect, for example, troop movements in Northeast Asia at different times, since the device, Located in a polar orbit, it would make more than one complete revolution around the Earth each day.

Kim Jong-un stressed the importance of monitoring US movements and recalled that in the last few hours Washington has deployed both the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and the submarine USS Santa Fe in the south of the peninsula, integrated into the same attack group, as part of the deterrence mechanism agreed with Seoul.

The North Korean marshal “also stressed the need to launch several more reconnaissance satellites, putting them in different orbits and operating them in a practical and combined manner,” a plan that NATA has said it will raise during the plenary session of the North Korean single party scheduled for the last few days. from December.

(With information from Reuters and EFE)