New UK rail workers strike

The strike paralyzes services at London Waterloo station (REUTERS/Toby Melville) (TOBY MELVILLE/)

The british railway workers another start this Tuesday strike in claim of salary improvementswith which the crisis deepens due to the wave of strikes in different sectors in recent weeks in the United Kingdom.

Members of the British Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union who work for the railway company Network Rail and 14 other train operators in the United Kingdom begin a forceful measure on Tuesday 48 hours that it will have an impact for people who return to work after the holidays for the end of the year holidays.

Many employees from different sectors have gone on strike to demand wage increases in order to cope with the strong increase in cost of living in the United Kingdom, where inflation in November stood at 10.7%.

The railway sector, which will go on another strike on January 6 and 7, is demanding a wage increase of 7%but the Network Rail company has only offered a 5% increase, below inflation, which exceeds the 10%.

Paddington Station, empty due to the strike (REUTERS/Kevin Coombs)
Paddington Station, empty due to the strike (REUTERS/Kevin Coombs) (KEVIN COOMBS/)

The general secretary of the RMT union, mick lynchstated today to the BBC that it regrets that the strike “is prolonged in this way”, but that the government “is not doing anything” to end the dispute.

“All parties involved know what needs to be done to reach an agreement, but the government is blocking that agreement and is not doing anything about this dispute and that must change.”

The British Minister for Transport, Mark Harperin a statement to the BBCHe regretted that the RMT rejected his offer for a salary increase.

“I would prefer they drop the pickets and go back to the negotiating table to reach an agreement on reforms and wages with the employers,” Harper said, adding that the walkouts are “harmful to the rail industry” and “for the people who work in it.”

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