New YouTube Premium features worth paying for

You can also start watching a video on a device like your computer and continue it on your cell phone or vice versa,

Are you thinking about subscribing to YouTube Premium but still not convinced? In order to add more subscribers to its paid service, the great YouTube platform has implemented new features that will undoubtedly make browsing for users of the streaming platform more pleasant.

The new features of YouTube Premium

The new features of YouTube Premium that you will undoubtedly love are the following:

1.- Smart downloads.

2.- The improvements in the quality of the videos.

3.- The creation of playback queues from mobile devices.

4.- The possibility of watching videos with family or friends.

5.- Continue video playback on a different device.

As you can read, one of the novelties is smart downloads, so that you never run out of content to watch, including times when you don’t have data or WiFi, this tool will select the videos that it thinks you like. they might like so you can watch them offline.

Regarding the quality of the videos, users of this service will now have the option of a new 1080p Premium resolution in the videos they decide to play.

Before, playback queues were only possible on the web version of YouTube, however, with YouTube Premium, you can now create your playback queues from your Smartphone.

Finally, one of the new features that is coming to YouTube Premium is that its users will be able to organize a video call through Meet to watch YouTube content together.