Nicola Porcella and Emilio honor ‘Team Infierno’ with this curious tattoo after the LCDLFM final

In the video, both Nicola and Emilio showed off their new “Team Infierno” tattoos.


The house of the famous Mexico” ended on August 13 with total dominance by “Team Infierno” because five of its six members managed to reach the final.

The spirit of union and friendship was so great that the celebrities that made up this team They promised to tattoo a trident in honor of the strategy that made them triumph over “Team Cielo”whose members were dating week by week.

HErgio Mayer and Poncho De Nigris were the two celebrities who immediately fulfilled their promise and they ordered the agreed trident to be placed on his skin, only Apio Quijano, Wendy Guevara, Nicola Porcella and Emilio Osorio… or at least that was the balance until this weekend, well Nicola and Emilio have already fulfilled their part of the deal and even boasted about it on social networks.


Emilio Osorio visited Nicola Porcella at her new home, a reason that was used by both to fulfill their promise, made weeks ago, to thank their fans for their support and remember the excellent teamwork that all the members of “Team Infierno” did ”.

This moment was immortalized in a live video that Nicola broadcast through her social networks and that was immediately filled with comments and “Likes” from his followers… young people, of course, They were not alone in this new adventure: Romina Marcos, Emilio’s sister; and Agustín, Porcella’s best friend, witnessed how celebrities tattooed a trident, a clear symbol of hell.

Nicola was calm during the processalthough several times he assured that it hurt a lot; Emilio, on the other hand, was nervous since this was his first tattoo. While the Peruvian placed the tattoo on his calf, Juan Osorio’s son decided to have it placed on the side of his leg.

There are already four celebrities from “Team Infierno” who fulfilled their promise to get tattooed; Only Wendy Guevara and Apio Quijano are missing, when do you think they will?