Nicola Porcella conquers a celebrity and it is not Wendy Guevara: We have proof!

“Mexico’s boyfriend”, Nicola Porcella, continues to conquer hearts left and right. And it is that more than one famous and celebrity has fallen before the clear eyes of the heartthrob of La Casa de los Famosos.

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One that sighed too much and also flirted with the Peruvian was the singer Anita, who had a very smiling and mischievous time with nicola porcelain, during his visit to the program TODAY, the morning of this Thursday, August 31.

The Brazilian singer completely revolutionized the corridors of Televisa San Ángel with her sensuality, everyone in her path asked for selfies, greetings and was amazed at her beauty.

Nicola, who is on TODAY as a guest host, was also jaw-dropping seeing the urban music performer and did not miss the moment to be very close to her throughout the time she remained on the program.

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They both hugged, took pictures and even exchanged Instagram users because they already follow each other.

The funniest moment occurred when Anitta taught her “forbidden steps” in the dance to Nicola, who tried to move her hips as well as her.

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Will Wendy Guevara be jealous?