Nicola Porcella is looking for a boyfriend for her ex Francesca Lazo

Francesca Lazo / Nicolla Porcella.

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Parting ways with Nicola Porcella did not make Francesca Lazo his enemy. On the contrary, after the breakup, the couple began to get along better for the sake of their son, Adriano, a 12-year-old boy for whom they both gave their lives.

Without a doubt, the relationship that unites her with the second finalist of ‘The House of the Famous Mexico’ also gave a boost to the young communications specialist who is making her way as a makeup artist in Aztec lands after training in Argentina and taking off in her native Peru. .

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Nicola Porcella is looking for a boyfriend for her ex Francesca Lazo

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“She is like my sister and knows how much love I have for her.”

The 32-year-old woman is in the country of mariachi teaching courses and taking advantage of the impulse that being the ex of the so-called Novio de México gives her. In March she will return to Lima with her son and after sorting out her things there she will decide where to establish her residence. For now, and although she was linked to other women because she was bisexual, she is the same Nicola Porcella who now wants her to rebuild her life with a man.

This is what she confessed in an interview with TVyNovelas: “They have said that I am still jealous of her, but it is a lie, I joke with her and I wish her the best, by telling you that I am casting to find her a good man, so that he is no longer bothering me (laughs) ), no, lie… Francesca is like my sister, she knows how much love I have for her and we always get along very well because of Adriano. We have arguments, yes, normal, because we think differently, we have different ways of seeing things, but we always come to the same point and that is very nice, so I am happy because not everyone has a relationship like that with their ex-partner.”

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The actor who participates in Juan Osorio’s new soap opera: Love Has No Recipe, also explains that at this moment he is focused on raising his career, since opportunities do not fall from the sky as many might think.

“I would like offers to rain down on me from all sides, the truth is that I am very grateful for the job I have, for what is happening to me; 2023 was a life change for me, it was a new opportunity, it was reinventing myself. And 2024 is to consolidate myself in what I want, I come from below, I come to continue fighting, to continue looking for a place here in Mexico, in novels, in driving, and that is achieved with work, the truth is that 2024 “It’s going to be a lot of work to consolidate my career.”

“Wendy locked her room with a fingerprint”

After ‘The House of the Famous’ he captured the attention of the public and producers, although that was never a guarantee of absolute financial solvency. “Yes, they call you for many things, but each person decides what they want to do and what they don’t. The truth is that I am focused on my career on television. Many may wonder why I don’t go to reality shows, where more money is made.” , but I want my career in the long term, I think I already experienced that in Peru, and now with my feet on the ground I know what I want, I want to live in Mexico, I want to have a career at Televisa, record a novel, drive, it’s what occupies me today. “So I know what I want.”

Meanwhile, Porcella celebrates that he was finally able to rent an apartment in which he is the owner and lord, although he will share it, occasionally, with Wendy Guevara, since he rented her a room for the times she has work in CDMX.

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“She hasn’t gone home yet, but she already closed the door to her room on me because she says I’m going to put women in there when I have parties, she even gave her passwords, with a fingerprint and everything. She says she’s not going to leave it open. But with her everything flows beautifully, I get along very well with her, she is my sister, I laugh all day, she has a big heart, she helps others a lot and in The House of the Famous we had a lot of fun because we had the same code of humor, we joke the same, so it’s nice to be able to tell her your things, or for her to tell me. We advise each other a lot and I am happy to live with her.”

The possibility of living under the same roof came about after a talk in which both agreed on their needs.

“One day I told her that I wanted to rent an apartment, and she told me that she was also in the same situation, so since she doesn’t come here much, we agreed that I would rent her and she would have her own room.”

The rumor that they would also be neighbors in Mérida was not so far from reality, since he was looking at properties there, but Nicola explains that it prevented the acquisition: “We are looking to buy a house, but the truth is that I am not yet in a position to buy it.” buy, we hope later that you can acquire a property. First I have to finish paying for some things in Peru, I have already paid for several things, but things have gone very well for me, I have one left, which is the strong one, and my apartment there that I want to finish paying for, I am paying it little by little, because that is the apartment that I want to leave to my son and with that I am calm because I want to leave him a nice apartment and I am already starting to see here.

“My son does not want to stay in Mexico”

Adriano is with him in Mexico, he accompanies him to some recordings of the melodrama that will premiere on February 19, but in a few weeks he will return to his home in Lima. “He doesn’t want to stay, he will be here until March, he has asked us to return to Peru this year, he says that next year he has no problems coming to live here, but he wants to say goodbye.”

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The trip they took together in December to the United States filled Nicola’s heart and made him grateful for the blessings he is receiving. “I never had those luxuries, thank God I was able to live them with my son, thank God I can live them now with my dad, because he is also doing well, we couldn’t have that, but now I am enjoying it much more, like If I were a child, with Adriano, and things happen for a reason, perhaps that is why I am so persevering and so invested in what I want, suddenly, if I had had everything I would not be the person I am now, so I believe that God would always He had the right path for me and that is why I am so grateful, with the little I had as a child, because I know that it was a great effort from my parents, I cannot complain.”

Five months after her “almost” triumph in The House of the Famous, Nicola admits that she never needed to visit the psychologist. “That was not necessary because I had a good time relaxing there, and when I left the house I had no emotional disturbances because it was something I had already experienced. “I focused on my work, on what I wanted to do, I focused on growing.”

“I’m not Wendy’s hero.”

Given the attacks that Wendy Guevara received from Alfredo Adame, Nicola expressed her point of view to this publication: “I told her that I was not going to get involved, I believe that respect is earned with respect. Wendy is a woman, but well, I talked to her internally, I told her not to answer, to pay no attention, sometimes it is better to ignore all that because in the end you are giving strength to the gossip, you see that now even Poncho got involved ”.

And although many see him as the defender of the transgender influencer, Porcella clarifies: “I am not Wendy’s hero, I am a good friend of her, I love her, I adore her, she knows that I will always try to advise her from my point of view.” of sight.”

Regarding the case of Poncho De Nigris, who is at war with his mother, the actor says: “That is another issue that does not concern me either, but I think he is a great person, he knows things, that is why he is successful, so I think “That he knows how to handle himself, how to carry him, and I try not to get into that because in matters of two, the third is superfluous.”