Ninel Conde sees her son again, after the judge’s decision

The former partner of the actress decided not to appeal for the welfare of Emmanuel, their son

Without being able to live in person with your child for more than a year and a half, Ninel Conde was reunited with her 7-year-old son Emmanuel at the home of Giovanni Medina, Ninel’s former partner.

In an interview with the Ventaneando program, Medina explained that a judge authorized cohabitation and he decided not to appeal the decision because it considers that the conditions of safety exist for the minor.

“Today there are and I have decided not to appeal this decision taken by the authority because I consider it to be correct, a coexistence has been dictated every 15 days from (which began yesterday Tuesday), in a safe space that is the house of Emmanuel, three hours dictated the authority, or what lasts in a healthy natural, organic way the coexistence ”.

One of the conditions to which Medina refers is the Larry Ramos absence, husband of Ninel Conde, who is currently a fugitive from justice, accused of fraud, and another is that the meeting is in front of a competent authority.

“If these coexistence had been imposed on me elsewhere I would not have agreed because I do not know if that man is hidden nearby or what research there is in this regard. At some point I mentioned, because I had information, that there was a very serious investigation and that this arrest would come, I could not expose my son to that. “