Nino Canún celebrates 6 years of ‘Cuéntamelo ya!’ with its 11 drivers

When Nino Canun began, in April 2016, to produce Cuéntamelo ya!, Far from imagining that so many years would pass on the air, because at first he had to face many obstacles that he later overcame by learning the lesson. Now the program is consolidated with 11 hosts who every noon conquer the audience of the stars with the best notes of the show and entertainment.

From Forum 3 of Televisa San Ángel, the producer reveals to TV and novels what has been the key to maintaining the interest of viewers and how it achieves peace among so many women.

How satisfied are you with this sixth anniversary? With great satisfaction, with pride, enthusiasm, desire, and at the same time, with that emotion of preparing what is to come.

How do you see the future of the program? At the end of the road, many of these programs, mainly the magazine ones, their evolution is based on temporalities and what happens on a day-to-day basis, that is, it’s like a snowball, so you have to know how to handle it. That is why I see that the program has matured in these six years, and the goal is to make it grow much more. You can already see that we have 11 drivers; At first there were four, but due to a pandemic necessity, this number was reached. That is also appreciated by the public, because we are refreshing the screen. For the moment we will continue with this line and we will adapt to the changes that are presented.

Has it been difficult to defy the pandemic or the changes that inevitably come over time? There are moments that have been very difficult, for example, when they changed our schedule, the audience moved, that affected us. In the 2018 World Cup they rested us for the whole season, and we were also afraid not to return. It was worrying for us, but they are things that we are overcoming and fighting.

What was that moment that ended up standing out on the show? When we started the program we had our ups and downs, and what helped us position ourselves was the death of Juan Gabriel. There we clicked with the audience, because after Today we came and people wanted the broadcast to continue. I think it was like 10 days of overtime, and that helped us position ourselves.

Do you plan to refresh the content with new sections? I never like to make radical changes. Normally we see, depending on the audience, which sections are working and which are the stories that the public likes the most, so we make adjustments daily.

Is Tell me now! the most solid thing you’ve done in your career? Yes, and definitely the longest. At the end of the road, it is my own creation, because I have worked on other programs like Hoy, but I did not invent it. I also did Al Sabor del Chef, but that only lasted four years.

How did the idea for this concept come about? I work better under pressure, and when my boss asked me for a program with certain features, he made me create it immediately with all my knowledge and experience. I didn’t have anything, and my first presentation wasn’t even on a computer, I did it by speaking. They loved it and approved it for me without the need to submit a pilot. From that day, until the airing, it took us a month, when, in general, these processes are long.

How has it been battling with 11 different personalities? Well, not only are the hosts women, but all the coordinators of the program as well. So I already know them, I already know when they come from bad, when I can tell them something or when not. We are feeling that.

Is there no friction between them? Yes, there have been, but they are light. Perhaps one is on top of the other, but they are very cordial and respect their times and spaces a lot.