Nintendo confirms release date for Princess Peach video game

  • This Thursday, September 14, the Nintendo Direct was held in which a new trailer for the video game that will come to the Nintendo Switch was released.

During the unexpected Nintendo Direct this Thursday, September 14, the Japanese company gave new details of the new video game dedicated to Princess Peach that was announced in June of this year.

Nintendo released a new trailer in which you can see the first images and some details of this new video game that will come to the Nintendo Switch; In addition, the release date and its official name were confirmed.

Princess Peach: Showtime! is the name of the new video game dedicated to this beloved character who is not usually the protagonist, other than to be saved in the Mario Bros. video games.

When is Princess Peach: Showtime released on Switch?
The only thing that was known until today was that the Peach video game would be released next year and today during the Nintendo Direct it was confirmed that its release date will be March 22, 2024 for the Switch.

In Princess Peach: Showtime! You will have the mission to rescue a series of works of art that were stolen by the Malauva Company, this new video game will be set in a theater that will change themes, which will be set in iconic places such as Paris, London, Egypt and others.

Very much like Mario, Peach will have the option of different styles to go through the different levels. In this new trailer you can see her with a sword, as an explorer, as a detective, and with more skills that will be available.

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