Nintendo would sue Kimberly Loaiza for her song “Game Over”

The famous Kimberly Loaiza would be in strong legal problems with Nintendo after the premiere of her song
“Game Over”

Kimberly Loaiza premiered her new song titled “Game Over” a few days ago and has not stopped being commented on social networks, but this time because it would apparently be sued by the Nintendo company.

It should be noted that the beautiful Kimberly Loaiza does not stop reaping successes and it is not for less, since the artist has been in charge of continuing to build her musical career and working more than ever on all the details that are related to this part of her projects professionals.

Recently, some claim that the famous singer Kimberly Loaiza would be in serious trouble with Nintendo, since in the lyrics of her song as in her video she makes references to registered trademarks, from which she would not have obtained permission to use them.

It should be noted that it is also highlighted that the Japanese are quite delicate in terms of the political details of their brands, so now the beautiful Kimberly Loaiza is expected to clarify this point in this regard.

If the Mexican singer Kimberly Loaiza has been characterized by something, it is the eccentricity and originality of her outfits and this video is no exception, since Loaiza is seen wearing styles very similar to those of the video games used, which stand out Her beauty.