Niurka applauds that Wendy has rejected Juan Osorio

Now that Wendy Guevara has resigned from the soap opera that Juan Osorio will produce: Love has no recipe, there have been many people who have attacked her for not accepting the proposal to debut in a melodrama. But there are also those who defend her and one of those is Niurka Marcos, Osorio’s ex-partner.

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Niurka applauds that Wendy has rejected Juan Osorio



Galilea Montijo denies links with drug trafficking and says: “I live day to day and my house is mortgaged”

During her arrival at the Mexico City Airport, the Cuban was approached by the press and before the microphones of several journalists she said that she agreed with the decision that the winner of The House of the Famous Mexico had made, to make a novel. It is not as simple as it seems.

It is not being ugly, Wendy is absolutely right in what she is saying, she is giving priority to what she should give. She has to prepare herself, she’s not a fool. There are people who say she is ignorant.but she is making intelligent decisions, she does not want to stop being herself, she does not deny her roots, and she is very clear that she has to prepare for a soap opera, she cannot do it desperately so that the vultures come and destroy it,” said the mother of Emilio Osorio.

At the moment, Juan Osorio remains “blocked” for Niurka, since there was a conflict that triggered the distancing.

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The matter between Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos is between us, it is blocked. Because it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t give me anything, because if not I can call you at 2 in the morning, worried, asking about my son, and I have to make an appointment or hearing so you can tell me how my son is. Son, you are of no use to me. He told me what time it was to call and I told him that I would call for my son whenever he wanted and that if he didn’t like it, he would be blocked.