“No way, tweet”: The reactions after Emilio Azcárraga’s response to Eugenio Derbez

Photos: Getty Images. While promoting his new movie, Eugenio Derbez He commented in several interviews that he suspected that Televisa had banned him for supporting the movement against the Mayan Train.

But the businessman Emilio Azcárraga Jean responded on Twitter with a message divided into three parts, where he uses famous phrases from Derbez’s characters.

“Neta @EugenioDerbez, before saying that you’re banned, ask me, caon. Otherwise I’m going to think that you’re not a normal guy. Listen, no, listen to me, no. What you declared about an alleged Televisa veto was horrible, here you interview…

… And our coverage of Selvame del Tren… and I send you everything, everything I have left over.

“You and I know that the real reason is that you’re angry because you want us to give you our rights to La Familia Peluche. I’ve already cut him off my guy”Azcarraga wrote.

His messages provoked a wave of comments from various journalists and communicators,

Rene Franco wrote: “Well, ask him caon! No way, tweet”.

edy smolthe fashion guru, also opined:

“That’s right Tere, @eazcarraga is right and anyone imagines that they veto him, when it seems that they don’t even have the hair of the ass in their hands, when they veto someone on @Televisa a memo is issued, where is that memo? from they already have the entrance to not allow access, greetings”.

The parody account JuanGabriela Jackson, who is very aware of the show, took it with humor: “Don’t play the ‘victim’, in a few words he told him.”

Jenaro Villamil wrote: “Emilio Azcárraga’s response to Eugenio Derbez: it is not a “veto” of Televisa, it is a disagreement over the ownership of the Peluche Family’s rights. That’s the way it is.”

Another humor account, @SimpsonitoMX, which relates real-life situations with episodes of The Simpsonalso reacted: