North Korea launched an unidentified ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

Launch of a Korean ballistic missile (Europa Press / File) (Kim Jae-Hwan /)

North Korea launched an “unidentified ballistic missile” into the East Sea (Sea of ​​Japan) on Wednesday, according to a statement from the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), while the Government of Japan also reported the launch of the projectile, which would have already fallen into the water.

The launch comes after the United States deployed a B-1 strategic bomber on the Korean peninsula today as part of its large joint exercises with South Korea Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS) and also in response “to what North Korea claims that it was the launch of a space rocket”, according to the South Korean Ministry of Defense.

US bombers with South Korean fighters (via Reuters)
US bombers with South Korean fighters (via Reuters) (SOUTH KOREAN DEFENSE MINISTRY /)

On August 24, Pyongyang launched a Chollima-1 rocket to unsuccessfully try to put a spy satellite into orbit for the second time this year, an action that the allies consider a covert test of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) technology. , something that is prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions.

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