North West mercilessly criticizes her mother Kim Kardashian for her looks, what did she say?

North West is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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North West has the potential to become a fashion critic in the future, as she has demonstrated her ability to give her opinion on the looks of others.

North West, eldest daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has surprised by his keen knowledge in the world of fashion despite being only 10 years old. The young woman has not hesitated to express strong criticism about the outfits of those around her, including his own mother, whom he has not treated leniently.

In a recent episode of ‘The Kardashians’, aired on Thursday, November 23, North and her cousin Penelope Disick, daughter of Kourtney Kardashianshared their opinions on the outfits of the Met Gala 2023held last May.

“They look fake.”

North West

Kim commented on the episode: “All North wants to do is rate people’s outfits, she loves to criticize like a Joan Rivers”.

What did North West say about her mother Kim Kardashian’s looks?

North West analyzed her mother Kim Kardashian’s outfit in detail and He did not hesitate to point out the aspects that he considered could be improved.. “There are too many holes in pearls,” she began. “They look fake. I like pearls, but I don’t like that they look like they’re from a dollar store.. “You look like a real Hawaiian in that dress.”

This is what Kim Kardashian looked like at the Met Gala 2023

This is what Kim Kardashian looked like at the Met Gala 2023.

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Despite Kim’s request to be nice, North stressed that he would not tell lies and extended his criticism to Pete Davidson and other celebrities.

However, some personalities, such as Paris Hilton, Kylie and Kendall Jennerwere excluded from North West’s reviews.

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Subsequently, The model commented that she is trying to teach her daughter not to “annihilate” people for no reason to avoid hurting the feelings of others..

What does the name North West mean?

North West was born in 2013, the first child of the 7-year marriage between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the same as ended in 2021. Although the couple was initially criticized for choosing this name for their daughter, it was Kris Jenner who came to the defense revealing the meaning.

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On the show ‘The View’, Kim Kardashian’s mother explained that “North” means “the highest point between it and West. This, without a doubt, seemed like a very sweet gesture.