Northern Ireland has banned smoking in a car with children

Cancer organizations say the law will protect children’s health and reduce their perception that smoking is normal behavior (Getty Images) (ClarkandCompany/)

In Northern Ireland a new law came into force that prohibits smoking in a car with childrenfollowing a similar move by other regions of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Starting this Tuesday, It is already illegal to smoke on public transportation or to smoke in work vehicles used by more than one person.

Another came into force new law that prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes and other nicotine inhalation products to anyone under 18 years old.

Irish police and environmental health officials will be able to impose fines of up to £2,500 (about $3,300).

On the other hand, the police said that will take an educational, advisory and non-confrontational approach in enforcing the new legislation until the end of February 2022, initially warning people instead of imposing fines, which would allow time for public awareness of the new crimes to develop.

Leading cause of deaths

A cancer charity has welcomed the new laws as a “significant step towards a tobacco-free Northern Ireland.”

Cancer Focus NI told BBC that the laws would “protect the health of children” and would reduce children’s perception that smoking is normal behaviour.

“We know that children who see adults smoking regularly are more likely to try smoking,” he added.

The number of young people starting to smoke in Northern Ireland has been “steadily declining in recent years”, but he didn’t want this trend to be superseded by vaping (assoonas/)

Previously, the Minister of Health, robin swannsaid that tobacco use was still a leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Northern Ireland.

The minister said that the number of young people starting to smoke in Northern Ireland had been “steadily declining in recent years”but I didn’t want that this trend was superseded by vaping.

The ban on smoking in vehicles carrying children is in force in England Y Welsh since october 2015.

In Scotland and the Republic of Ireland A ban went into effect in 2016.

69 carcinogenic toxic particles

The secondhand smokethat is, the sum of the smoke exhaled by the smoker plus the combustion product of the cigarette butt, contains more than 69 carcinogenic toxic particlesheavy metals and other substances, as explained to Infobae the pediatric pulmonologist Ana Maria Balanzatmember of the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine (AAMR).

Children exposed to cigarette smoke were shown to have higher prevalence of sudden deathknowing that when infants sleep on their backs and live in absolutely smoke-free homes, the risk of sudden death decreases significantly.

On the other hand, It was also shown that children exposed to cigarette smoke have more difficulties at the school level, which are also associated with behavioral disorders.

They are more irritable and excited boys, more hyperactive and aggressive. What’s more, These children tend to have a higher prevalence of oncological diseases, especially leukemia, and a greater number of cavities, among other diseases.

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