Norway delivered eight Leopard tanks to Ukrainian troops to resist the invasion of Russia

Ukrainian instructors and soldiers train on Leopard 2 tanks. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel (Kacper Pempel/)

Norway has delivered eight Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraineas part of its commitment to the fight against the Russian invasion, as confirmed by the Norwegian Army.

The Armed forces They have reported that eight tanks and four support vehicles are already on Ukrainian soil, and have reported that the training of the Ukrainian soldiers who will be in charge of their use is already taking place in Polandplus funds for ammunition and spare parts.

The minister of Defending Norwegian, Bjorn Arild Gram, has assured that supporting Ukraine is “important for Norwegian and European security.” Norway promised in January to join the international donation of armed vehicles.

European cooperation with Ukraine

Also this Monday, the European Union’s Foreign and Defense Ministers reached an agreement for the joint purchase plan for artillery ammunition and missiles to replenish the reserves of the European armies and guarantee the sustainable supply that Ukraine needs in the context of the Russian war of aggression.

The plan has been presented at the meeting by the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrelland the attendees have given their support to it, which seeks to mobilize a total of one million 155-millimeter caliber projectiles for Ukraine within a year, various diplomatic sources have reported to Europe Press.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.  REUTERS/Johanna Geron
The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. REUTERS/Johanna Geron (JOHANNA GERON/)

“I am grateful to all our partners in Europe! To all those who want a strong and free Europe”, stressed the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyin response to the European decision.

The Ukrainian president has stressed that it is “a strategic step.” “It gives us confidence in our unity, in the immutability of the movement towards victory over the terrorist state”, he explained.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, is traveling to Ukraine to meet this Tuesday with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelensky, as reported by the Japanese state broadcaster nhk.

Kishida “will directly convey to President Zelensky respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people who, under his leadership, have risen up to defend their homeland, as well as solidarity and strong support for Ukraine from Japan and the G7chaired by Japan,” the statement added.

The Japanese president, who was on an official trip to the Indiathus delayed his return to Tokyo that was scheduled for this Tuesday and undertook this surprise visit to Ukraine.

After flying to Europe from India, Kishida took a train from Poland bound for Ukraine at 9:30 a.m. Japanese time (00:30 GMT), according to the same source.

The head of the Japanese government was called to visit Ukraine in his capacity as host of this year’s Group of Seven summit.

Kishida was the sole ruler of the G7 that he had not visited Ukraine, after the US president Joe Biden came by surprise to meet Zelensky in February.

the national network nhk indicated that its journalists in Poland they filmed a vehicle with the prime minister in the town of Przemysl, from where other foreign rulers have taken the train to Ukraine.

(With information from Europa Press)

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