Not even the years away from television could with Ingrid Coronado, made for driving

Ingrid Coronado is enjoying being on television again, especially with a program as funny as “Everybody dance”, that’s why don’t pay attention to scandals or negative reviews that could tarnish this important moment for her.

“I lived through one of the strongest media situations that there has been in this country, unfortunately, but that gave me any number of ways to deal with situations that
They can be not pleasant, there will always be comments on social networks that may be lucky, some are unlucky, people can’t like you “, explains Ingrid, who this weekend arrives at her third” Todos a Bailar “program.

The driver explains that she prefers to stay only with the Positive comments, Regarding her person, and as for her work, she accepts criticism and what she can change and depends on her to change it, but the rest is left to whoever is in charge, as in this case the producer Ángel Aponte.

When Ingrid decided to retire from television for a time, she remembers that she was going through a very complex moment in your private life, that he did not let her enjoy everything else and it was difficult for her to carry out her work with the professionalism that she is used to.

“Because my head was thinking of 50 thousand things at once, I was always clear that my well-being and that of my family was a priority, so that is why I took this time, because if not, my state of health would start to pay a bill and I want to be well for myself, for my children and for the public, that he has accompanied me throughout the years and that he expects an optimal job from me; So this fatigue was what made it more difficult for me to do something as simple as laugh, so I think this time was fantastic for me ”.

Although at that point she could already afford what to do and what not to do, is that three years ago he made use of that privilege and opted for the radio and now a project on television.

“My career speaks for me, I have been a person highly dedicated to his work for many years, I am very professional and I like to do my job as well as possible, I try to make life easy for those who work with me, so that we have a product that is successful, that is why I need to like them and be passionate about them ”.

That’s why when Aztec put a proposal on the table, she decided to accept the program for various reasons “Everybody dance”, first because it is about music, something that has accompanied her since the beginning of her career; Also dancing, Ingrid has practiced dance since she was little; and above all that it is a reality show of talents and it is also with children.

“That’s the cherry on the cake because I love working with children, because for me being a mom is what I enjoy the most, what I like the most and am passionate about, and being like her artistic mom while we’re working is an incredible experience, I did it in the Kids Academy and I fell in love with the fact of being able to work with children, so when they told me that I would have it, I immediately said yes ”.

Ingrid explains that she was afraid of not feeling comfortable in the forum, because they had been away from television for three years and happy doing her radio program “Ingrid and Tamara”, but as soon as he took the microphone everything started to flow and it was because of all the years of experience he had driving.

“They say that what is learned well is never forgotten and I had not only been on television for a long time but also doing this type of program and I realized that I learned to do it well because I felt comfortable, I even dare to say that better than before, because radio has given me skills that I didn’t have before ”.

Facing unforeseen things during the show, such as a family deciding to leave the competition and leaving Patricia Gallo, captain of the team alone, or that a six-year-old contestant on the team Mariana Botas would not want to continue or for someone else to speak of a loss, it is something that Ingrid assures, she knows how to handle it perfectly.

“These changes that we can have throughout the program is what makes it so rich, because finally life is like that, it is full of moments that are enjoyable, sometimes they are not so, and I like it because this type of format takes us on a journey with all these ingredients ”.

Work with Regina orozco and Mario Bautista As judges it has been fun for the host, since the punctual and incisive comments of the soprano contrast with the good energy and sympathy of Mario Bautista, who is the first time he has participated in a program like this.

The fact that Ingrid is headlining “All to dance” does not mean that she returned fully to Azteca, because her contract is only contemplated for this project, dynamics that adapts perfectly to your current interests, being on the radio during the week and on television on Saturdays.

“This scheme works for me because that way I can dedicate the rest of the time to my children (Emiliano, Paolo and Luciano), that they need their mother close and she wants to be close to them ”.

It is that since 1999 when he began his relationship with Azteca he had not stopped working, still pregnant or having just given birth, because she was going from one program to another, sometimes with three simultaneous programs, so there came a time when he realized he needed a break.

“I needed to spend a while working on myself, paying attention to the emotional and rediscovering myself; For me those three years that I was away were very hard on some occasions, but also wonderful on others, because I discovered talents that I didn’t know I had, for example my book is published in May, because I discovered that I could be a writer”.

It was thus that he ventured to write a book that is aimed at women, where he will lead them to discover the power of the female sex, through techniques and practices that helped her, but also through their life stories where he will reveal how he has come out in various situations, in addition to consulting various specialists.

“It is a way of putting in the hands of women everything that helped me to become the woman I am now., which I am convinced is the best version of myself, at least it is the moment when I enjoy myself the most and enjoy life.

“That is why I consider that taking these breaks is extremely important, because it is the only way to realize many things, such as assessing details that we took for granted; for me it was an incredible season because I feel that now I am going back to doing one of the things that I like the most and I am passionate about, which is driving, but I am no longer the same ”.