Nuria Vega and Alejandra Ambrosi tell us about the new Hora Marcada


After more than three decades, he returns to Mexican television ‘The Marked Hour’the series with which they became known Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron.

One of the new and renewed episodes is “Sisters”, in which Victoria (Nuria Vega) returns to his sister’s house (Alejandra Amrosi) to make peace, but discovers that she is no longer the same as before. The secret of this transformation is in Dani’s hands (Isabella Clemesha)Her niece.

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Nuria Vega and Alejandra Ambrosi tell us about the new Hora Marcada



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In this interview, the director of the chapter, Roque Falabella, Nuria Vega and Alejandra Amrosithey tell us a little more:

What attracted you to ‘The Hour Marked’?

Roque Falabella: I have liked the genre since I was a child, and when they propose to be part of something so iconic, you don’t have to think about it too much, I simply wanted to be on the boat, and they also gave us a lot of creative freedom to develop the stories, that is very attractive for everyone. equipment.

Alejandra Ambrosi: They gave me the opportunity to be part and I was very excited to be part of this anthology series, which was very successful in the 80s and a hotbed of great talents, in addition, the opportunity to explore as an actress the psychological terror towards the shadows that we have in our psyche. I found it a great challenge, on the other hand, talking about the relationship between sisters has always seemed very interesting to me, I have two brothers and I get along well with them, but all relationships are complex, this chapter is an invitation to explore the complexity human in those relationships.

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Nuria Vega: From the casting you could see the quality of the project, I was immediately hooked on the character and I was very excited to know that if the casting was written in such an elaborate and profound way, the chapter had to be better. I didn’t get the first anthology of ‘La Hora Marcada’, I didn’t know it very well, but when I started to investigate where this project came from, it was very gratifying for me to see that I was going to be part of this new story, we had a lot of flexibility to express ourselves as actors, but that creative freedom comes from the previous anthology.

What challenges were there to show the original spirit of the series?

RF: The nature of this work is to play with what you have at that moment, you have to be very careful so that that part of the visual terror is not distorted. The beauty of these anthologies is that it is the closest thing to telling horror stories at a campfire, for it to be part of ‘The Marked Hour’ there has to be a feeling of imminent death, that is why there are elements that unify all the chapters, like the lady in black, who represents death and is just around the corner, with that in mind you can write an episode that is relevant to this series.

The series plays a lot with the fear of death, is that your greatest fear?

NV: I’m very afraid of frogs (laughs), nothing to do with my character, death doesn’t scare me as such, I’m terrified of an empty life, having a life where I didn’t achieve anything, I didn’t mark anyone and I didn’t leave anything. I’m more afraid of dying knowing that I didn’t contribute anything to the world.

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AA: I think that almost all fears are related in some way to death, I am a mother, so my biggest fear has to do with not being there, not being able to give enough to my daughter, that something could happen to her or her. people I love the most.

RF: For me this story addresses a very personal fear, which is being late to amend something, in your head you have unlimited time and everyone is going to live forever, but in a second anyone’s life can change, the suffering that It entails not valuing human relationships and letting them deteriorate is something that scares me, what does one do with these fears? Making stories where the dead are contacted, I think that is why death is so obsessive and attractive, especially for Mexicans, it is a way of dealing with impermanence and how uncontrollable it is to exist.

AA: That is why ‘The Marked Hour’ is so relevant, because death is what brings us closest to life, there is nothing that makes you resignify both life and death itself, exploring this genre is a call to people to I resignified his life with all these fears of death.

You can see the new chapters of ‘The Marked Hour’ starting this October 27 on ViX.