Obsessed with saving: an Italian will go to jail for subjecting his partner to a strict domestic economy

The marriage was not experiencing financial difficulties (Diffusion /)

The Supreme Court of Italy has confirmed a sentence of one year and five months a man from the city of Bologna (north) who subjected his wife at home to strict rules of “domestic savings”, such as rationing water or toilet paper.

The sentence, collected in the portal of experts in legal issues Cassazione.net, confirms the sentence of one year and five months in prison for mistreatment dictated in other instances to this subject “obsessed with saving”.

The convicted man had come to subject his wife to “a state of anxiety and frustration” due to a strict regime that he had imposed in the married couple’s house.

The victim, according to local media, had denounced that she could only buy products on sale and limited her use of water, with one shower a weekor toilet paper.

This lifestyle, for the Supreme Court judges, became a real coercion fed with control methods and aggressionsdespite the fact that the marriage was not experiencing financial difficulties, both parties with work and salary.

It is not the first time that the High Court has expressed itself on situations of this style. In June 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that “the persistent and systemic conduct of a spouse aimed at making the life of his partner is unbearable, with a humiliating and unjustified vexation and exasperated greedfalls within the typology of the crime of family abuse.”

On the other hand, the Italian Civil Code states in its article 143 that “with marriage, husband and wife acquire the same rights and duties” with the “reciprocal obligation to fidelity, moral and material assistance and collaboration in the interest of the family and coexistence”.

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