Octavio Ocaña: a new video went viral where he allegedly threatened a soccer team with a gun

The case of the death of Octavio Ocaña continues, and as the days go by, more images, videos, tests and statements are released to show the life that the famous actor of the series Neighbors he had while he was away from the spotlight.

The passion for football that Ocaña had is no secret. When I was a little 9 years old, his biggest dream was to be a professional footballer and get the autograph of the star César “Chelito” Delgado, who at that time played for Cruz Azul, the team of his loves.

Although he did not manage to remain in the basic forces or make his debut in the first division, his love for this sport never faded and He continued his passage through third division courts and on the plain, with amateur teams in which he excelled.

However, like all human beings, there were times when, out of anger and frustration, he lost his mind. These conflicts caused some lawsuits within the field of play, like the one that went viral on social networks.

In a video that began to circulate mainly on the Twitter platform since last November 5, one can allegedly observe Octavio, in a red uniform, enraged against one of his rivals, in a white coat.

The surprise of his companions, opponents and spectators was not because of the intensity of the pitched battle, but because the young 22-year-old actor he carried in his left hand an alleged pistol With which he intended to shoot the subject of the other team, who was challenging him with words and gestures.

Spectators comment on the brawl. Seeing the subject with the firearm in his hand heor they identify as “Benito”, while others applaud his fury and exhort him to take the shots.

“El ‘Benito’, can’t you see that guy has the gun? It is the one that appears on TV”, Mentions the recording subject, while Octavio Ocaña leaves the field, with the weapon and the shirt that moments before he took off due to the heat of the moment.

Fuck pend * jo, he’s going to find a p * nche nose that really does …. ”, He ends, while the people around him make fun of Ocaña and say“Killer benito”Between laughter and comments against his father from the stands.

“I’m going to accuse you with Frankie,” shouts a spectator while the entire team where Ocaña played is off the pitch to calm down after the furious moment they lived.

Octavio Ocaña wanted to become a professional soccer player and get the autograph of “Chelito” Delgado (Photo: Taken from Instagram Octavio Ocaña)

This It is not the first time that, after his violent and mysterious death, a footage has been leaked in which Ocaña is observed performing this type of act. On November 5, a short material was circulated where he can be seen shooting, along with his friends, with his right hand, in a wooded setting.

Throughout the short audiovisual fragment recovered, the actor can be seen holding the weapon while they say “Orale, pinch * Benito”. Then Ocaña pointed straight ahead and fired three shots into the air to re-cut the cartridge and fire another two bullets.

Days before, another video was viralized that caught the attention of Internet users due to the alarming content, since in the images recovered by Windowing the actor is glimpsed consuming a white powder that meets the characteristics of cocaine.

This fact contradicted the statements made by Octavio Pérez in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante. Octavio Ocaña’s father assured that his son did not consume any type of drug or alcoholic beverages, so the veracity of his statements was called into question.