Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself, according to an expert: “Scientifically it is not verifiable”

In case of Octavio Ocana It seems that it is just beginning, after the family, led by Mr. Octavio Pérez, She is keeping her word to go to the last minute and confirm what really happened to her son.

The lord does not believe in the official version, which marks that the unforgettable Benito rivers he shot himself after a chase with the Cuautitlán Izcalli municipal police. So you already have a team to advance the investigation.

In the program ‘De primera mano, he arrived with his lawyers Rafael Alejandro Martínez and Colbert Gálvez, as well as the expert in criminology and forensic investigation, Mauricio Reséndiz. They already had access to the investigation folders, and nothing is clear.

“We are conducting proceedings with the sole purpose that the facts can be clarified, that the approximate truth of what happened can be reached and that those responsible can respond to this crime.”

The expert indicated that so far “our job is to understand, study and correlate the evidence, there are still elements to review to have a more scientifically accurate path.” But he made something very clear: “There are elements of a chemical, physical and biological order that occur when a person dies from a firearm; in this case These elements do not exist in their totality to be able to have the scientific certainty that he fired the shot to deprive himself of life. ”

“Until now, scientifically, this fact cannot be verified, that he has operated the weapon to kill himself,” said the expert.

He explained that there is no ballistic study to be able to compare. “What I can tell you is that there is no bullet as such, there are casings of different weapons, which give us a parameter of indicative order to be able to approach the reality of the fact, scientifically speaking”.

In the clothes that Octavio Ocaña was wearing there are more clues, but they still do not have access to them.

“Of the vans, yes, they already had access, they have already been checked. I carried out the inspection and yes, he has 3 bullets in the defense part,” said Mauricio Reséndiz.

As if that were not enough, when asked if the bullet entered through Octavio’s right cheekbone and if it came out through the neck, the expert said: “There is a necropsy protocol in which they say that it enters through a parietal, the right, and leaves through the another, in order for the firing to be upward. However, the positions of people change in the dynamics of these events, so we would have to put all the pieces of this puzzle together. “

Gustavo Adolfo Infante asked the expert witness if Octavio Ocaña shot himself, and he replied: “No, not at all.”. – They killed him? “We are in these investigations, we have to get to that truth,” said the expert.

This version contradicts what was said by the police, who after two days of the event, indicated that the actor shot himself.