Octavio Ocaña: Things we did not know and discovered after his death

His beginning on television as a child star with his character Benito Rivers in the series Neighbors is the image that is most remembered of Octavio Ocaña, of whom today marks a month of his death in a police chase.

It was also known that soccer was his great passion and that the team of his loves was Cruz Azul, which led him to try his luck as a professional player in semi-professional teams.

However, very little was known about his intimate life and since he left the ‘Necinos’ program he had stayed away from the public scene.

The tragedy of his death exposed the details of his loves and wishes, as friends and family began to remember what they lived with him.

The first surprise was knowing that Octavio Ocana I was committed to Nerea Godinez, with whom he shared a taste for traveling to tourist destinations in Mexico. In their social media accounts they could be seen the same on the beach as in Peña de Bernal, in Querétaro. “I love to travel with you and always have a great time,” Octavio wrote in one of those photographs.

It was also discovered that Octavio was learning to be a dad. Nerea has a child from a previous relationship and Ocana she took care of him as if he were her own. In a couple of videos, Octavio is seen playing with the boy and preparing his food.

Octavio Ocana He was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco. He was 22 years old at the time of his death and he used to boast that on the street, more than Octavio, people called him by the name of his character: Benito Rivers.

What was not known about him is that he was a fervent Catholic. This weekend, his sister Bertha Ocana He commemorated the death of his brother with a photograph in which Octavio is seen carrying the image of a large crucifix.

“You were such a good child, you always believed in the creator, you grew up in a home full of God and today we are comforted that you are with him, one day we will reach you my beautiful child.”

Octavio Perez, the actor’s father, has never tired of emphasizing how “good son” Octavio was and a demonstration of his romantic spirit and family was the way he asked for Nerea’s hand. In a video published after his death, Ocaña is seen nervous when addressing his girlfriend’s family.