Omar Chaparro was unfaithful to his wife “La Mojarrita”

After the actor’s infidelity, it was he who told the mother of his children about his mistake and assures that this left him a great lesson.

In an interview with Isabel Lascurain, Omar Chaparro admitted that he was unfaithful to his wife a long time ago and it was a mistake that allowed him to realize the “gift he has with his marriage.” The actor said that he was the one who revealed his mistake to his wife.

“Yes, I was wrong (he was unfaithful), but when you transcend, when you know the shadow of your partner and when you are in a relationship that is beginning, because you are in love or idealizing love, I still do not know my wife and it is fascinating, one does not stop changing, but when you know the other’s shadow, when you show the other’s shadow and despite that you take them by the hand and say: ‘I love you and let’s go together’.

I am not the same Omar as a few years ago when I made a mistake and she is another Lucía, that is why it is easier. I fall in love with her every day and every year she is a different human being”.

The singer also explained that his wife never discovered his infidelity and that on occasion there was an opportunity for him to admit it.

“They didn’t catch me, the opportunity presented itself, there was a yellow flag and I said: ‘yes, I was wrong.’

It was very hard, I don’t know if it was for me or for her (…), now I know very well what I have, I am very aware of the gift I have with my marriage, but I also know very well what it takes to break it again.