On the verge of tears, Itatí asks for a miracle for Carmelita Salinas

Since he made her an Adventurer, Itatí Cantoral felt unconditional love for Carmen Salinas placeholder image. The relationship between the actresses went beyond television forums and theatrical stages until they came to be considered family.

Because, Itatí Cantoral he almost cries when he asks for a miracle for Carmelita Salinas, who has been in a coma since last week due to a stroke.

“To the Mrs Carmen Salinas placeholder image I love her as if she were my mother, it is a very difficult moment because my mother died and now this actress who is as if she were my mother… it is a complicated moment… but we know that miracles exist and we hope that she wakes up ”, he said Cantoral.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She will undergo a tracheostomy and doctors will intervene on Thursday for a gastric procedure, the family reported yesterday.

Cantoral just launched a clothing line, an event that, he says, he was about to postpone because of the pain of knowing that Carmelita is in a coma. “She taught me through her art, through her films, through ‘Aventurera’, the great capacity she has to be a woman.”

Itatí recalled that Salinas trusted her to be the Adventurer when she was just 19 years old and that is why she considers her as if she were her mother.