One Hundred Years of Halloween Costumes in Just 3 Minutes


The festivities and their costumes are not alien to fashion or their time. The Halloween outfit that was used in 1915 is not the same as it is today. Fashions pass, but the costumes and the fury that this celebration arouses persists. With this in mind, the Mode collective, in conjunction with industry specialists, put together a video that portrays the evolution of costumes over the last hundred years in just three minutes.

Throughout a century, costumes of all kinds can be used: Catwoman, cowgirl, clown or “little devil”. However, there is no need to stick to fashions. From any of the eleven proposals, regardless of the decade it was, you can get inspirations for the current costume.

The haute couture designer Laurencio Adot, with more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, explained to Infobae how fashion blends with Halloween. “The world was changing and it went aggiornando. Halloween is a festival that has grown worldwide and has undoubtedly changed from Victorian times to today. Societies are mutating in the spiritual, in education and, also, in the way of celebrating and with it, in the clothes that are used, “he reflected.

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For Adot, Halloween represents the need for people to laugh at their own reality and play their alter ego: “We all want to be our superheroes, transform ourselves into a character that we are not. It is fun and it is a good alternative to go out with friends “.

But of course, many can enjoy the celebration although not so much to dress up. The designer offered a solution for this: “When you do not have a costume or do not want to use one, to be in tune you can use a transparency, of course the color black and a lot of shine. Above all, fabrics with lurex, lycra, elastane. Everything that has to do with the sensuality of the night is welcome. You can also play with makeup and hair. Today, everything is much more comfortable and dynamic, you have to get in a car and get to Party!”.

  • Mogul Pumpkins
  • Espantozombies (bowls) filled with Mogul gummies
  • Bones chewy candies
  • Monster Potions FIZZ
  • Mister Pop’s Skull Lollipops

Mogul gummies, in their spider versions of the Maruja Witch, Pirate mix, Bats and Dracula’s Fangs.

The complete line of Halloween is characterized by offering products specially designed for children to enjoy during the month of October, made under the highest quality standards.