One of the leaders of the Hamas terrorist group Khaled Mashal is worth $5 billion

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Khaled Mashal, political leader of the Hamas terrorist grouphas managed to build an impressive fortune. The wealth of the head of the terrorist group amounts to a staggering figure of 5 billion dollarsaccording to data published by the official account of the Government of Israel on the X platform in its Spanish version.

Their wealth stands in striking contrast to the difficult living conditions of more than half of the Palestinian population in Gaza, who face extreme poverty and the consequences of ongoing conflict.

This accumulation of wealth has led to questions about how Mashal has achieved this fortune while fighting for Palestine. It should be noted that Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by many countries, has used Palestinian civilians as human shields and has mortgaged the future of the population in its fight against Israel.

The question of how the group’s supposed political leader, embroiled in an ongoing conflict, has amassed such wealth is a matter of question. lThe international community has been increasingly critical of this contradiction, and doubts are being raised about the role of Mashal and Hamas in the management of resources destined for the Palestinian population. and whether their accumulation of wealth has harmed the cause they claim to defend.

Due to the scandalous fortune that Mashal amasses, the official account of Israel in Spanish made a satirical cover of Forbes with the dollar figure accumulated by the head of the terrorists.

satire by Khaled Mashal
The satirical cover about Khaled Mashal’s fortune, published by the official account of Israel in Spanish (Photo: @IsraelinSpanish)

Khaled Mashal’s story is intriguing as he was born in Silwad in 1956 and his life has been marked by conflicts between Israel and the Arab states. During the 1967 war, his family was forced to move between Israel and the Arab territories. However, this conflict, which ended with Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, changed the course of Mashal’s life and led him to become involved in the Palestinian cause.

Mashal became a member of what would eventually become Hamas, an organization committed to the use of violence and terrorism in the fight for Palestine. From its first days, Mashal played a key role in the founding and leadership of Hamas, establishing himself as an influential figure within the group.

Over the years, Mashal’s life took him to live in several countries in the region, including Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. This diverse experience in different political and cultural environments contributed to his understanding and participation in Palestinian politics.

One of the highlights of Mashal’s life was the assassination attempt in 1997. The attack using fentanyl, a powerful painkiller, seriously endangered his life and sparked a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Jordan.

Despite challenges and attempts to eliminate him, Mashal persisted as the political leader of Hamas. He headed the group’s Politburo from 1996 to 2017 and currently heads the Qatar-based “external” faction.

What has generated the most controversy recently is Mashal’s astonishing accumulation of wealth.

Hamas, ISIS and the Koran: The violation of the Prophet Muhammad's teachings on peace and justice (DEF File)
A person expresses his support for the Hamas terrorist organization (DEF File)

In the context of the current conflict, Mashal has addressed the issue from his perspective, stressing that the decision to attack on October 7 was not consulted with the Palestinian Authority or the people of Gaza. These statements reflect internal tensions within the Palestinian movement and shed light on the political divisions that hinder a solution to the conflict.

Furthermore, recently, Khaled Mashal sparked controversy by addressing an anti-Israel rally in India, organized by a group of radical Muslim youth associated with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. His comments raised concerns about the support of certain Muslim groups for organizations like Hamas and how this affinity could be influencing regional dynamics.

The figure of Khaled Mashal is central to the history and development of Hamas terrorism. His role as a political leader has been fundamental in the group’s strategy and violent actions in the conflict with Israel.

However, his staggering accumulation of wealth has raised criticism about the complexities of the ongoing conflict and internal tensions within the Palestinian movement and raises questions about how resources intended for the Palestinian cause are managed.