OnlyFans does leave… Inside Yanet Garcia’s 77 MILLION apartment in New York

After rising to world fame as La chica del clima, Yanet García decided to try her luck in the United States and made her way on the OnlyFans platform in addition to studying nutrition. It seems that the profits are many and she now boasts a life that few people can afford in New York.

On his Instagram account, he usually boasts about his apartment, which has an enviable view of the Big Apple.

At sunset enjoy a dreamlike landscape with the Brooklyn Bridge and the financial district in sight:

How much does Yanet García’s apartment cost?

The building where Yanet lives stands out for being one of the tallest on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in addition to having luxurious amenities and spectacular views. According to its website, there are apartments available for sale, with a room and a bathroom from 1.2 million to 1.6 million dollars, plus monthly maintenance charges of almost 20 thousand pesos.

Due to the amplitude of the space in the room that Yanet García presumes on Instagram, it could be inferred that she has an apartment with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, which are the most expensive.

There are different options for size and location in the building, and they are around 3 and 5 million dollars (from 60 to 100 million Mexican pesos). But for example, an apartment with a room and view similar to that of Yanet Garcíawith 150 square meters, It has a cost of 3.8 million dollars, that is, 77 million pesos, plus a monthly maintenance payment of 40 thousand pesos.

Of course, he takes advantage of the spaciousness of his department to continue exercising.

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