Oscar Cadena’s son reveals that he was prevented from seeing his father on his deathbed

One month after the death of the journalist Oscar Cadena, we learned that only two of his children were able to say goodbye to him. In an interview with TV and novels, Judson Cadena Ridings (Joko), son of the first marriage of the camera conductor infraganti, reveals that he could not physically say goodbye to his father before he died because his father’s last wife (Gaby) and María José, sister, decided to do so. Judson’s, with whom he has no communication.

Joko tells us that four years ago her father found out about her seventh child. Regarding the issue of inheritance, Joko tells us that her father left her the most valuable thing that he could receive … his blood and the legacy of his teachings.

How do you feel almost a month after your father passed away? I still have a hard time digesting it. Although we physically lived in the same city (Cancun), since the pandemic we have only been in contact by calls. With regard to my father’s illness, everything was very tight on the part of his wife and María José. Even when my dad was still in the hospital, we lost contact with them, they marked their distance from us, which I respected out of love for my dad.

Who do you mean by “us”? I mean my brothers and me. We are three brothers from my father’s first marriage: Óscar Lowell, Bárbara and myself; I have another sister, Susana Cadena, from my father’s second marriage. María José and Santiago are my brothers from their marriage to Gabriela. Santi, my younger brother, and with whom I have a wonderful relationship, was the one who kindly informed me about my father’s health. Four or five years ago we learned of the existence of another son of my father, Jorge Garza; It doesn’t have the last name Cadena, but it has the Cadena stamp, and we didn’t go into much detail.

Why did Gaby and María José make the decision not to inform the rest of the family? I could not tell you. They will have their reasons. It hurt a lot, because I would have loved to be closer to my dad, say goodbye in a different way. I said goodbye in my own way, I was in Mexico City recording a coaching training in human development, and I had the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad from a distance, through a very beautiful meditation, and I returned directly to the wake.

What happened at the wake? It was very emotional, because we arrived and I saw great friends of my dad; I had the opportunity to approach the coffin, I saw him lying down, with his braces, his little hands, and he looked like he was asleep, it is something very shocking.

What did your father die of? He entered the hospital for peritonitis, then he got pneumonia, he began to have deterioration in some organs and problems with his kidneys, and then his little liver. María José told us in an interview that they will make known what your father’s last wish was… Well, hopefully one day he will let us know what he means, because I have no idea what my father’s last wish was.

Do you know if he left a will? I do not know if there is a will, I am not thinking about those kinds of questions; I think the greatest inheritance my father gave me was life and a taste for cameras and for interviewing people, that is my legacy.