Oscars 2023 Awards: Which famous singers managed to win the golden statuette?

music and cinema They have a close relationship. no movie no soundtrack and Oscar awards are in charge of recognize talent and vocal performance of the singers.

Regardless of musical genre or age, the most anticipated ceremony of the year has reserved a special place for celebrities who lend their voice or interpret the main themes of the films.

Due to the above, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a history of singers who They managed to take a golden statuette home as a result of the dominance they demonstrated on the big screen.

What singers have an Oscar Award?

1. Prince. In 1985, the icon of the decade of the 80 took a golden statuette for his song “Purple Rain”. In addition to being the main voice, he showed his versatile side Well, he acted and danced on the tape.
2. Frank Sinatra. Considered one of the best singers of all time received an award from the Academy for best actor cast for the film “From here to eternity” in 1953.

3. Lady Gaga. The singer has been nominated three times for the pOscars. However, in 2019 he swept the race for “A Star is Born”, where shared credits with Bradley Cooper.

pop figure won the statuette for interpretation and composition from “Shallow”, main theme of the film and which sang live during the ceremony.

4.Eminem. In the year 2003, the rapper was the winner of a Oscar award in the category of best original song for its theme “Lose Yourself”, which was part of the soundtrack from the movie “8 Mile”.

Nevertheless, Eminem did not attend the ceremony. The singer thought that not even in his dreams could he win the statuette, so he preferred “staying at home”

5.Adele. The native of United Kingdom He has received multiple awards during his career. In 2013 he added one moreWell, he got a statuette from the Academy for Best Original Song.

Specificallywas the theme “SkyFall” the one that made her creditor to the maximum recognition of the cinema. The track was included on the soundtrack of the franchise James Bond.