Pablo Lyle faces new lawsuit from jail; these are the reasons

Pablo Lyle was sentenced, one month ago, to five years in jail and eight years probation for involuntary manslaughter by Juan Ricardo Hernández, in a controversial event that occurred in 2019 in Miami.

Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old man of Cuban origin, had an altercation with Pablo Lyle after a car accident in Miami. it all started when Lyle’s brother-in-law, Lucas Delfinowas moving to the airport of the region to leave the actor, his wife and two children.

The car came across with that of Hernandezwho later he lost his life in a hospital due a brain injury for a blow that the actor gave him. Sandra Hoyos, a lawyer of Miami involved in the Lyle case, told “Ventaneando» that the family of the victim has submitted a new civil lawsuit to request compensation by Lyle and his brother-in-law Lucas. “Insurers have denied the right to pay the victim’s family.

So, there is a civil litigation what is happening right now, are defendants Lucas Delfino and Pablo Lyle,” he said. holes added that the case is current and is being carried out in Miami court. The graduate also explained the conditions are not clear of the demand because they are in shelter and so far it is unknown When will the next hearing be? “Those issues are kept confidential, still out of sight of the court.

So until they reach an agreement nor will we have those details or until the next hearing we will have more information If this goes to trial or goes to mediation or conciliation of what each party is asking for“, external. Regarding the monetary figure that the Cuban family is asking for, it is speculated that between one and five millionhowever, Sandra said that the amount is not confirmed.

During Lyle’s trial, that took place last February 3rd, relatives of the famous gave some testimonials to support youamong them Ana Araujo, his wife who read some emotional words Araujo spoke How did your husband react when he found out? that Mr. Juan Hernández had died,sure it got really bad had vomit And I couldn’t stop crying. she stated that at the time of the incident traffic, she and her children felt very afraid.

«Pablo was never a violent person, he was always conciliatorywatches over the well-being of others, that’s why what has happened It has been something very impressive for everyone,” he said. and dedicated a few words to Lyle: “IM veryand proud of you Pablo, an action of a few seconds does not define you as a person, not all you can see what I have seen, I have witnessed your painof your repentance and of the great goodness of your spirit, I have always told you, you are a heart with legs, that is Pablo”, she said moved.