Pablo Martí is two-time Survivor Mexico champion

After almost four months, today we met the great winner of the fourth season of ‘Survivor Mexico’.

The grand finale of ‘Survivor México 2023’ was held live.

Only 4 of 20 survivors who entered the reality show ‘Survivor Mexico’ they were able to reach the last day of competition, after more than 100 exciting tests.

Duggan, Aranza, Pablo and Sergio competed on the last day of the reality show Aztec TV to win one of two individual immunity necklaces and thus secure their place in the grand finale.

Pablo Martí became the first finalist by solving the puzzle before their classmates.

Sergio Torres managed to complete the domino challenge and entered the grand finale with Pablo, thus sending Duggan and Aranza to the last game of extinction.

Aranza eliminates Duggan and becomes the third finalist of ‘Survivor Mexico’. The last torch that went out was that of Ximena Duggan, his fire was extinguished; she was the 17th competitor eliminated.

Carlos ‘Warrior’ Guerrero He gave the signal for live voting to open, and the public chose their favorite survivor.

After almost 100 days of competition, the results of the voting were announced: Sergio took third place; Aranza takes second place and Pablo is a two-time champion of ‘Survivor Mexico’ and earn 2 million pesos.