Pablo Montero goes to the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office for accusations of sexual abuse

The singer and his lawyer attended the Chiapas authorities after the alleged accusation was made known

Pablo Montero appeared before the FGE of Chiapas in Tapachula to learn details of the accusation of sexual abuse against him. In the “Ventaneando” program, they revealed images of the actor together with his lawyer arriving at the Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of February the news was released that Pablo Montero had a lawsuit against him for alleged sexual abuse of a young woman in Tapachula, Chiapas. Since the news was released, the singer assured that he had no knowledge of what he was accused of and that he had not received any notification from the authorities.

According to information from ‘Ventaneando’, Pablo Montero went on March 7 to the facilities of the Chiapas State Prosecutor’s Office together with his lawyer, Eliser García, to find out details of the crime he is accused of.

In ‘Ventaneando’ they announced that Pablo Montero and his lawyer would be reviewing and letting him know what crime the singer would be accused of. The drivers explained that it will be a matter of hours for the singer and his lawyer to give a statement about his meeting with the authorities at the Prosecutor’s Office.