Paco Stanley: Paola Durante relives the alleged harassment she suffered from the television host

Paola Durante had a lot of admiration for Paco Stanley


Paola Durante relives her experience with Paco Stanley, a presenter who died in 1999

paco stanley He was one of the most beloved television hosts in Mexico and many former co-workers still remember him, some have revealed their experiences with him, such is the case of Paola During.

Let’s remember that the former aide-de-camp of ‘One After Another’, Paco Stanley’s latest program, spent a year and eight months in jail after being identified as one of the alleged masterminds of his murder. They never found evidence to confirm her responsibility and she was released.

After 24 years of this event that changed his life in all aspects, Paola Durante revived what their meetings were like with the famous presenter and claimed to have been bullying victim.

Was Paco Stanley harassing Paola Durante?

I think it was bullying. He wrote to me on the beeper and told me ‘I’m Paco Stanley, I want to go have a coffee with you’I thought it was a joke and the next day he questioned me and out of fear I said yes. And the next day she told me the same thing, ”he recalled. Paola Duringwho was 23 years old at the time and preferred to turn around the invitations of the famous presenter.

The cousin of Bárbara Mori, also assured that she was not attracted to big men, although Paco Stanley was attractive to her due to his charisma: “I saw the man as attractive because he was charismatic, I liked how he recited the poems and I admired him a lot; also I was afraid of him because he was very demanding”.

Paco Stanley did go with an aide-de-camp from the program ‘One after another’

Paola Durante confessed that Paco Stanley did go with an aide-de-camp from the program ‘One after another’from TV Azteca, after she told him no, for which he became afraid of losing his job.

I told him no, but one of the girls agreed to be with him and he didn’t bother me anymore.. When he passed away, she told me ‘I was with Paco and he told me: You are single moms and I’m going to look after you all my life’, and that’s when I rightly said, he didn’t run me away, ”said the Also OnlyFans model.

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